Our Process

"Custom cabinetry" has become such a common term in the industry that it's meaning is almost lost. Large kitchen cabinet manufacturers offset their massive overhead costs by developing very efficient manufacturing processes. This works for great for standard size modular cabinets. But what if you are looking to match your existing cabinets? Or what if you want something truly unique? Or something built especially for your odd shaped space? At large cabinet manufacturers, this falls outside their normal processes and you will pay a premium for an inferior product. It will likely be designed by someone locally, but built thousands of miles away. Then typically a third party will install it. There's a lot of chances for details to fall through the cracks. 

At PW, I offer an alternative to the large cabinet manufacturers. I come personally to measure the space and generate a CAD design. Then I build and assemble the cabinets here in MA. Finally, I install them personally. I find that this process works    well for discerning clients who are looking for something truly custom.